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Tag: Security

Anonymous launches attack on SOPA/PIP supporters

We Are Anonymous logoA day after the anti-SOPA/PIP internet blackout, hacking group Anonymous has launched an attack on companies and government bodies that support the Stop Anti Piracy Act and Protect IP bill.

Posting a series of updates on its Twitter account (@YourAnonNews), the group taunted the Justice Department, Universal Music, the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America as all their websites crashed.

Do you give a XXX about your brand?

Is it porn or innocent?
Is it porn or innocent? See link at the bottom.

The domain name industry is about to see another gold rush, with domain registrars making a fortune out of brand owners’ fear of being associated with porn. I am pulling no punches in my criticism of this legal tomfoolery.

I am talking about the .XXX top level domain (TLD) launch, which is designed to make adult websites more easy to spot. The idea is simple, if you run a porn site, instead of being, you need to become You pay somewhere between £129 and £199 to register your .XXX domain, then in future the lowly internet user will be able to tell the difference between a porn site and a non porn site.