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Tag: Google Plus

Twitter adds Activity tab

Twitter logo with birdTwitter has made some interface changes with a new Activity tab and the removal of the Mentions tab. When you log in to the Twitter website, you will see a menu item above your timeline called “Activity”. This shows activities by people you are following.

This seems like a good idea but I can’t help thinking it is perhaps also Twitter’s reaction to Google Plus and recent Facebook changes – which allow you to filter timeline content by groups of people.

How to see who +1s your site

Google Webmasters menuIf you are a website manager you probably already know about the Google Webmasters service. Similar to Google Analytics, the Webmasters service displays useful information about the keywords on your site and the keywords that cause people to land on your site. It also shows other pages in the Google index that link to you, as well as some very useful information about search volumes, positions and clicks.

How social media has changed marcoms

Social networking crowdMarketing and communications (“marcoms” to jargon fans) used to be an “after the fact” affair. A company launched a product or formed a partnership and then put out a press release to tell people after the event. Sometimes of course press releases announce upcoming events.

Since the arrival of social media, I am intrigued to see how business communication has changed.