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Does your website take a break?

How can I help you?This week I stayed in a budget hotel with my family during the school holiday. On arrival at the hotel the reception desk was unattended. Standing in front of the desk, wearing the uniform of the hotel, was a lady who appeared to be waiting for someone. This lady stood there for five minutes, not acknowledging our presence in any way and we assumed she was perhaps just comfortable with the fact that the receptionist had stepped out for a moment and we would be served imminently.

Is your customer service being seen to be done?

Customer service app - Thomas CookCustomer service is like justice – not only must it be done but it must also be seen to be done. Your company has a better chance now than ever before to show customer service in operation, but are you one of the majority who fail to recognise this?

Facebook and Twitter allow you to provide a public platform for you to make your customer service activities visible to all. Traditionally, customer service is a private company-to-customer operation. With social media, customers can ask questions for all to read.

Had a bad review? Why not sue?

Portugal beachI’ve written before about the dangers of calling in the lawyers when someone writes something negative about your company. Another example of this is about to play itself out in the form of KBS Property Investments vs Expats Portugal.

The latter is a forum for English speakers who live in or love Portugal, KBS Property Investments is a company run by Khes Smedley in Rochdale that specialises in selling property in the Algarve. More than 12 months ago a person posted on Expats Portugal about their experience of KBS, whose business model includes free flights to the Algarve for prospective buyers with a “no obligation” promise. The disgruntled poster complained that KBS did fly him to Portugal but then the hotel asked him to pay his bill. He said he argued that this was supposed to be paid for by KBS but paid the bill anyway so as not to create a fuss.