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Why gamble with your website reputation?

If you write articles just to place them on third party sites, just to create links for Google to read, you should take a serious look at this practice. I won’t say you shouldn’t do it – after all, you have a right to publish anything anywhere if you see fit. If you are doing it blindly though, or if you are paying someone else to do it and they are doing it badly, you could soon be seeing a drop in the traffic you get from search results.

The convergence of magazines and web

Vanity FairI worked in magazine publishing when the “world wide web” (as it was still being called) was becoming the new way to publish. At that time, magazine publishing companies, and some newspaper publishers, invested warily in the new medium because of the fear that the web would kill magazine sales and affect marketing.

Trade magazines that relied on industry advertising (especially those reliant on job ads) suddenly saw their paginations drop as the web offered a more cost effective and trackable way to reach customers.

Are pop-ups annoying or useful?

I am seeing a massive increase in the number of sites that serve pop-ups on entry, inviting you to give your email address to subscribe, or to receive some free booklet. I don’t know about you but I hate this form of marketing with a passion, and I think it’s time to complain about it.

I am amazed that marketing professionals – many of whom would tell their clients how pop-up advertising annoys customers – are advocating the use of pop ups to promote their own email lists. While that’s understandable, it is aggressive and, in my opinion, rude.

How to analyse your website in five minutes

Five minutes on the clockIf you want to quickly analyse your website to see how it’s performing on search engines like Google and Bing, here’s a quick guide to how you can do it in five minutes. These five minutes will be invaluable in setting you on the path to making improvements to your content and your site structure.

Step 1 – See how much of your website is in Google

In the Google search bar, type “” and hit enter. Google will then show you how many pages it has indexed from your domain name. Some of these may be Flash files and some may be PDFs.

Google freshens up algorithm

Google FreshThe Google dance is so hard to keep up with as the pace of changes to Google’s powerful search engine increases. In recent months we’ve seen the Caffeine update, the Panda update and now one that is being nicknamed Google Fresh.

I previously wrote about Google’s pledge to punish spammy content, but this latest alteration to the Google algorithm is about freshness, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a welcome change.

Bingo buzzwords do what they say on the tin

Buzzword BingoWhen it comes to business presentations and copywriting, we commonly sneer at clichés, and you have perhaps at least once played a game of Buzzword Bingo – trying to spot business buzzwords as they are uttered in meetings.

Why are we so hard on clichés though when they often hit the nail on the head? If you want to make a clear point in business, a cliché does what it says on the tin.

How to proof read your own content

Proof readingOne of the most neglected aspects of self-publishing is proofing and editing copy. The world is full of people who write and publish their own content (myself included, as is evident with this very piece) and there is a wealth of un-proofed content, full of errors and inconsistencies.

I am guilty of not re-reading my own copy before publishing it, some of the time, but even when I do, author blindness will mean I miss some problems.

Here is a checklist for writers, to help you ensure your quantity is matched by quality.