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Those crazy spammers, they cheer me up

All your base are belong to usI love comment spammers. I hate what they do and that they are a waste of everyone’s time, but I love them because they make me laugh. You have to love someone who puts a smile on your face, right?

Comment spammers cheer me up. I’m talking about the people who post spam into the comments of blogs. This blog in particular gets a fair amount of spam comments a day. I rarely get a proper comment. Yes I would like to see more people commenting, but I’d rather have none than just allow the page to be filled with rubbish.

How to proof read your own content

Proof readingOne of the most neglected aspects of self-publishing is proofing and editing copy. The world is full of people who write and publish their own content (myself included, as is evident with this very piece) and there is a wealth of un-proofed content, full of errors and inconsistencies.

I am guilty of not re-reading my own copy before publishing it, some of the time, but even when I do, author blindness will mean I miss some problems.

Here is a checklist for writers, to help you ensure your quantity is matched by quality.