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How to use keyboard shortcuts on Twitter

Twitter logo with birdAccording to Statisticsbrain, 43% of Twitter users tweet from their phone while 60% of tweets come from third party applications. So a large proportion of Twitter’s users are still using the web interface.

Why not, when Twitter has put so much effort into improving the website and making it more of a browsable destination.

Here’s a neat tool for you if you do use the desktop site. Keyboard shortcuts get you to the top functions at the click of a key (or two).

Twitter keyboard shortcuts menu

With Twitter open in your browser, simply click the relevant key, or key combination, and you will jump straight to the function. For example, here are some highlights.

  • y – opens the keyboard shortcut menu
  • n – opens the new tweet form
  • gl – brings up the lists menu
  • bn – jump to the notifications screen
  • b – block a user


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