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TV viewing still beats social media

Smart VieraWe spend twice as much time watching TV as using social media, according to a survey by Panasonic. That may change if people start buying the social media-enabled Viera TVs that happen to be made by Panasonic.

While it is well known that many people now use multiple devices while watching TV, this survey (of 1,000 people) shows that a lot of the time we’re using social networks we are probably also watching the gogglebox.

Even content on demand is watched more via the TV than via web streaming through a computer, tablet or phone.

The average Brit spends about 2.5 hours (156 minutes) watching television per day, while they spend on average about 75 minutes on Facebook and just 20 on Twitter.

This is also a reminder that TVs still have some way to go as content and channels converge. Netflix is migrating from internet service to a fully fledged broadcast vehicle – even winning an Emmy for House of Cards. TVs, like the Smart Viera, are beginning to offer internet integration and built in hard drives, for saving programmes to watch later.

This is just the beginning. We are probably but a few years away from being able to engage socially on the TV with other viewers of programmes. I just hope TV channels don’t allow the masses to influence what makes it into the schedules. That road leads to ruin.

Exciting times ahead though.

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