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Posting crap on Pinterest gets results (sort of)

Poo from Pee&PooWhich person among us does not revert to childhood whenever there is a fart joke or a poo joke in the room? They never fail to get a giggle (or perhaps it’s just me) and this would explain, I guess, why the most shared item I have posted on Pinterest is actually about wees and poos.

I posted a link on Pinterest to an article about Pee&Poo stuffed toys. My pin was re-pinned 37 times. I only have 58 followers, so that’s an amazing ratio and it proves that the content most likely to reach more eyeballs is quirky, controversial, weird or just downright unsavoury. Stuff that gets people talking and sharing.

The reason I am writing about this is because I missed a marketing trick when I posted the item on Pinterest. I pinned it because I found it and thought it was worth sharing, but the pin points to someone else’s blog where the toy is featured. If I was thinking ahead, I would have taken a picture of the toy, written an article about it on one of my websites and then pinned it from there.

There’s a takeaway lesson here: If something is highly shareable, publish something about it on your website and share it from there, so your website benefits from the click-throughs when you promote it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t have to be a humorous potty training toy – there are no doubt lots of eyebrow-raising things in your business sector that you could write about.

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