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Category: Social Media

Phone Hacking: a reputation management lesson

News of the World final coverThe News of the World phone hacking scandal is a lesson for any business in how not to manage bad news. In a world where social media gives every man and his mouse an instant voice; where social networks allow the instant worldwide dissemination of scandal, not just News of the World but the global empire that owns it has been slapped in the face by the common man.

The lesson to be learned from the phone hacking story is that you should be open and up front, not be economical with the truth and not try to cover up things that would appear far worse if revealed by other parties.

10 tips for your corporate social media policy

Corporate Social Responsibility is a current buzz phrase which relates to the real world, but how responsible is your company when it comes to digital social networking? Every company, large or small, should implement a social media policy.

Just as a company might create rules for the use of its logo and brand colour scheme, and just as the HR department will create rules for staff behaviour in and out of the office, a company without a social media policy is, at best, naive and, at worst, negligent.