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LinkedIn introduces follower statistics for company pages

LinkedIn follower statisticsI was pleased to receive an email from LinkedIn telling me about the launch of its new statistics feature for company pages. Here’s what the email said.

“We’d like to let you know about an exciting new feature just launched for Company Pages — Follower Statistics.

“The Follower Statistics tab gives you a deeper understanding of your followers and their demographics. Plus, it shows activity and trends around your company status updates.”

The follower statistics are available on a tab in the navigation for your company page, if you have admin rights for that company.

This is a great feature because it is likely to make companies wake up to how inactive they are on LinkedIn and will encourage them to use it more – especially those companies that target a more professional B2B customer base instead of the kinds of consumers who frequent Facebook.

While you are there looking around take a look at the new interface as well. It has some useful drag and drop features to help you sort out your profile page.

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