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Is your customer service being seen to be done?

Customer service app - Thomas CookCustomer service is like justice – not only must it be done but it must also be seen to be done. Your company has a better chance now than ever before to show customer service in operation, but are you one of the majority who fail to recognise this?

Facebook and Twitter allow you to provide a public platform for you to make your customer service activities visible to all. Traditionally, customer service is a private company-to-customer operation. With social media, customers can ask questions for all to read.

However, many companies are missing out on the important aspect – letting customers see that service is being delivered.

In a survey of US online retailers with Facebook pages, Conversocial discovered that retailers did not respond to 65% of customer complaints, but some retailers said a lot of complaints are taken offline.

Which category does your company fall into?

  • We do not like customer complaints on our Facebook page. We prefer to just use it to promote stuff.
  • We do allow customers to post comlaints and questions but we don’t have anyone specific to deal with them.
  • We do offer customer service on social media, but many of them are dealt with offline and then not commented on.
  • We receive and answer customer queries on social networks, we have someone to deal with these AND when wresolve them offline we ensure the comment threads are updated to reflect this, so other customers can see action has been taken.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know which is the best answer for any company.

I’ll mention Thomas Cook here, only because I have featured their customer service app in the picture for this article. They offer a Customer Service tab on their Facebook page, which is actually the Get Satisfaction service served through an Involver app.

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