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Hootsuite adds Instagram scheduled posting

You can now post to Instagram via the Hootsuite application. Instagram has taken a while to add user interface enhancements that make it easy to use. It recently added a search bar to the desktop interface.

Now, if you use Hootsuite to manage your social media activity, you can connect your Instagram account and schedule posts.

Instagram within Hootsuite

Hootsuite said on its announcement, “With Instagram via Hootsuite, you can push your latest photo to Instagram; schedule your next one; find, like, and comment on photos; mention or engage with followers and commenters; and cross-promote your Instagram activities on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks – all from the same screen.

“Our native integration expands on the monitoring and engagement functionality that’s been possible through our app ecosystem since 2012, adding the features you need to fully manage your Instagram campaigns through the dashboard: scheduling, publishing, and collaboration. This is a game-changer for marketers, content creators, and social media managers.”

Managing Instagram has, in the past, been a very “in the moment” activity, because of its original purpose. After all, it was called Instagram for a reason.

The site’s profile has grown enormously, with all kinds of brands wanting to get in on the action. Naturally, Instagram needs to keep evolving to meet the needs of this growing and diverse user-base.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in history, according to Simply Measured. In its 2015 State of Social Marketing report, the company said, “[Instagram] now boasts 300 million monthly active users, 70 million photos posted each day, and 2.5 billion likes per day.

“Instagram has become the go-to platform for users interested in both sharing visual stories, and consuming them. Because of this, brands have found a home on the network by sharing their own visual stories.”


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