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Google Plus business profiles will be coming

Google Plus Business cufflinksWhen Google launched the beta phase of Google Plus, they underestimated the strength of demand from people and companies wanting to use it as a branding opportunity. Reportedly, Google had no plans to launch Google Plus as a business tool – only opening it to personal profiles. That decision changed rapidly when a plethora of businesses started creating branded accounts on the service.

Most branded accounts were promptly closed down by Google Plus with the promise that a business version of Google Plus would be coming later in the year.

VentureBeat has quoted a Google spokesperson who has revealed a little (but not much) of the plans for Google Plus Business. “Our original timeline was by the end of the year,” said the Google spokesperson, “but we’ve accelerated. The window is the next few months, and if we get it done sooner, that’s great, too.”

The spokesperson revealed nothing of the features, only to say, “You can expect to see a level of analytics and measurement that you’d typically find in Google products as well as a nuanced approach to how things are shared. It encourages and enhances conversation, it doesn’t just put things in the stream.”

Meanwhile, if you want to promote your business on Google Plus, you have to do it using your personal account. If you have one, of course, because it’s still in limited beta.

If you have a Google Plus account, add me to your circles and I will add you to one of mine.

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