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Facebook page insights – new features

Facebook page insights graph - nov 2011Facebook has made some great improvements to the Insights feature of pages. Previously, you could look at fan activity, including which posts were getting responses and age and gender demographics of your users.

The new Insights has been changed so much that Facebook has created a walk-through tutorial to help you explore it. One of the great improvements is that the features have more explanation at each stage, and there’s the key addition of an export function.

Now when you look at your Insights you will see how many individual people have looked at your posts and clicked on it, as well as the percentage of users who interact.

There’s also a handy graph showing the relationship between page activity and the dates on which you post content – this is intended as a visual guide to how posting more brings more response.

The Insights now appear in a tab on the left menu. When you click on the tab, three sub-menu items are revealed – Likes, Reach and Talking About This. I’m sure we’ll see lots more improvements to Insights over time (I can think of lots of features I would like to see), but for now this is a good improvement on the limited version we had before.

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