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Facebook forces its email on everyone

Facebook dislikeFacebook is once again riding roughshod over personal account settings by changing the default email in everyone’s accounts to an address.

Look at your personal profile page on Facebook now and you will see that your default email is and it is set to be visible to people – even if you previously had another default email set to be hidden.

So, Facebook has auto-generated an email address for every member and made this address public without warning, and presumbly with complete disregard for the fact that most users won’t even care to use the email address anyway.

How the Facebook email address works

If someone sends an email to your Facebook address, it will go to your Messages area on Facebook. The stupid thing is that you then can only reply within messages, not have a conversation over, say, Outlook. This is a poorly thought out development. The feature is a nice one that has existed for some time, but to impose it en masse on all customers is an aggressive move that’s likely to annoy users.

The address is auto-generated based on your chosen vanity name. If you don’t have a vanity name, your auto-generated email will be based on your profile ID – something like

How to hide the new Facebook address

If you want to hide the address from your visible profile, here’s how to do it.

  • Go to your About page and click the Edit button where you see the websites and emails.
  • You can select to hide the email from your profile (it says you can remove it but this does not work).

Why does Facebook think an email address as a way to send someone a Facebook message is likely to be universally used? Emails are personal methods of communicating two ways. Maybe times are changing and Facebook messaging will become a form of email in itself, but there is a big gap between knowing someone’s email and being able to send them a message and being someone’s friend on Facebook and being able to send them a message.

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