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How to delete a company page on LinkedIn

Have you run a company in the past that is no longer operating? Maybe your company has acquired another one. Perhaps you would like to get rid of the closed company on LinkedIn, in the interests of cleanliness. You can delete a company page on LinkedIn, as long as you are an administrator of the page.

You can deactivate your company page through your company page Admin Tools if it meets all the following guidelines:

  • The company page is currently active.
  • You are an admin of the company page and are currently logged in to LinkedIn.
  • The company page doesn’t have any affiliated company pages.
  • The company page doesn’t have a career page.
  • The company page has fewer than 100 affiliated employees.
  • The company page has no active ad campaigns.

A company page on LinkedIn belongs to all the employees who are connected to it, which is why an administrator cannot simply delete any page. You may want to keep a page active for an old company, because ex-employees will still have the company name mentioned on their profiles, under their experience.

How to remove the company page

While logged into LinkedIn, navigate to the Me section and look for a link to the company page that you want to remove. Once on the page, look for the admin link on the right-hand side and select “deactivate page” option.

Deactivating company page on LinkedIn

Once you click that link, you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm your choice.

Deactivate company page pop up

Things to consider before removing a company page from LinkedIn

  • Once the Company Page is removed, the company name and email domain won’t be available for future use unless you contact us again.
  • LinkedIn does not remove the company pages of acquired companies when a company is acquired.
  • Instead of removing a company page, you can update the name or other information.
  • Changing the company name also changes the profile work experience for the company’s current and former employees and can confuse followers of your page. LinkedIn recommends posting a company update notifying members before making the change.
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  1. I lost my linkedin profile access. Now i can’t operate my company page too. If I want to create the same company page from different linkedin profile so Is it possible to create or not?

    • Steve Masters Steve Masters

      I’d suggest contact LinkedIn to ask them for help.

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