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How to delete a company on LinkedIn

Have you run a company in the past that is no longer operating? Maybe your company has acquired another one. Perhaps you would like to get rid of the closed company on LinkedIn, in the interests of cleanliness.

Unfortunately, you cannot delete a company page on LinkedIn, this can only be done by a LinkedIn administrator. There are rules though. In order to be eligible for company page deletion,

  • the person contacting LinkedIn must be a company page admin,
  • the company must have fewer than 10 employees affiliated with the page.

A company page on LinkedIn belongs to all the employees who are connected to it, which is why an administrator cannot simply delete a page. Imagine the disaster that could ensue from a leaving employee decided to wreak havoc.

Once the company page is deleted, it affected the profiles of all current and former employees.

Once you are ready to contact LinkedIn, go here with the following information:

  • The company name exactly as it appears on the LinkedIn site
  • The URL associated with your Company Page
  • The reason the page should be removed

Can you remove the company page of an acquired company?

Unfortunately, no. LinkedIn states that it does not remove the company pages of acquired companies when a company is acquired.

You can also update a company name of a page, though, if you need to.

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  1. I lost my linkedin profile access. Now i can’t operate my company page too. If I want to create the same company page from different linkedin profile so Is it possible to create or not?

    • Steve Masters Steve Masters

      I’d suggest contact LinkedIn to ask them for help.

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