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Create a Google Plus business page in five steps

Before you start (this is important).

Because Google has failed to realise the importance of pages being administered by more than one person, the page you create can only be managed by you. If you are going to be the one maintaining the page, go ahead. If not, the person who will be managing the page will need to use their Google Plus account to create the page. Multiple admins will be available, just not yet.

1. Go to
You will be asked to select the category for your page – Local Business or Place; Product or Brand; Company, Institution or Organization; Arts, Entertainment or Sports.

Once you click on the correct option you will see a short form to put in the name of your page as well as your website URL (optional). You must also agree to the terms and conditions.

Google Plus business page creation - step 1
2. Customise your page’s public profile
Now you have to choose a very short (no more than 10 words) description for your page. Use keywords if you can but use words that describe the page for people where the name may not.

Google Plus Business Page creation - step 2

You can also upload a profile photo. These must be displayed as squares, so find something where you can use a square image or create one. The Google photo uploader lets you crop your uploaded photo on the screen before you save it.

3. Do NOT get the word out, yet
Google Plus tells you the next thing you should do is tell everyone in your Google Plus Circles about the page. Why? You have just created a blank web page with no reason to visit it. Do not tell everyone about your page right away. Put some content in there first.Google Plus Business Page creation - step 3Ignore this step and click Finish.
4. Start adding content to your page.
The first thing to realise about your page is that, when you see the page icon on the left of the screen, any content you publish will appear to come from the page and not from you. Make sure you are aware of when you are publishing as yourself or as your page.
Google Plus Business Page creation - step 3
Now the first thing you should do is post something on your page. This introductory post could be an innocuous “hello” or it could be something more meaningful. The page works just like your personal Google Plus profile.

Also, take a look at the “Connect your website” section to find out how to get a simple Google Plus button for your website, linking your visitors to your Google Plus page.

5. Now you need to tell people about your page.
In order to add people to your page’s circles, the need to first put your page into one of their circles. So, obviously, you need to get people to follow your page. This is a rather silly situation and perhaps one reason pages are not taking off on Google, but perhaps it will change.

Select some friendly faces among your circles and ask them to add your page to their circles, so you can add them back. Visitors to your page will be able to see your content if they visit your page, but your content will only appear in the personal streams of people if they have your page in their circles.

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