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Brand your Facebook page profile picture

There are many examples of smart looking Facebook pages, with some great landing tabs and integrated content, but the most fundamental piece of branding you need to do on your Facebook page is your profile picture, which also dictates the thumbnail image people see next to your status updates.

Here are some examples of great profile pics and their associated thumbnails.

Examples of Facebook page profile pictures

In case you are wondering about sizes, the Morrisons profile picture is 180 pixels wide by 540 pixels tall. Most others are smaller. The main thing to think about in your design is which portion of the picture you want to appear as your thumbnail.

By default, Facebook will use the top square of your profile picture as your thumbnail but you can edit this. Just hold your mouse over your profile picture until you see the “Edit” option appear at the top. Click to edit the profile picture and then you can click “Edit thumbnail” under the picture to change which part of the image you want to use as your square thumbnail.

The Morrisons We Love Food profile image is a clever use of split promotion. They used the top half for branding and the bottom half for promotion of their prize draw. Visually, this looks like content you can click on but you can’t use profile pics that way – they have used the space for instructional text.

The Black Eyed Peas page (which has more than 22 million fans, by the way) uses its profile space to promote the latest album. Updating your profile picture occasionally in this way is a good way to promote not only your brand but your latest products too.

Miss Sixty promotes its products in a more generic way – using an iconic picture of a woman in jeans above its logo. The same profile design is used across the different Miss Sixty pages in various countries, such as Greece, Russia and Portugal.


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