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Category: Social Media

LinkedIn introduces follower statistics for company pages

LinkedIn follower statisticsI was pleased to receive an email from LinkedIn telling me about the launch of its new statistics feature for company pages. Here’s what the email said.

“We’d like to let you know about an exciting new feature just launched for Company Pages — Follower Statistics.

“The Follower Statistics tab gives you a deeper understanding of your followers and their demographics. Plus, it shows activity and trends around your company status updates.”

Is your customer service being seen to be done?

Customer service app - Thomas CookCustomer service is like justice – not only must it be done but it must also be seen to be done. Your company has a better chance now than ever before to show customer service in operation, but are you one of the majority who fail to recognise this?

Facebook and Twitter allow you to provide a public platform for you to make your customer service activities visible to all. Traditionally, customer service is a private company-to-customer operation. With social media, customers can ask questions for all to read.