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How to make Google visit your site more frequently

Google visits high-authority websites more frequently than low-authority ones. I presume you agree with that logic.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

You could say that you only get high authority because Google visits you frequently, although you can’t get it to visit you more until you have authority. Chicken and egg, right?

In order to get Google to visit you more frequently, you need to give it reasons to do so.

Why visit a newsagent daily to buy a monthly magazine?

Let’s think about your favourite monthly magazine. Assuming you don’t subscribe, and you instead pick up your copy from a newsagent, are you going to visit that shop every day?

The magazine is only updated once a month, so you gain nothing from going in the shop every day looking for a new issue. The same is true with Google. If your website has little content and is only updated on rare occasions, why would it need to waste valuable processing time re-visiting only to see the same thing each time?

Some things you can do to up your visit count

Here are some practical things you can consider on your website.

  • Server speed: Your server could be slowing down the time it for your page to start loading in a user’s browser. Google only spends a certain amount of time on each visit – the longer each page takes to load, the less time it has to look around. Also, if the site is slow, Google will flag this as negative. Try Google’s testing tool.
  • Page load time: The server may be fast, but your web pages may be full of large images or other elements that slow down the Google spider’s ability to read and digest everything quickly.
  • Recency and frequency of new content: Adding new content to your website shows Google it is active and always growing. If a monthly magazine switches to fortnightly, you are going to visit the newsagent more often – it’s the same principle. See How to write faster when short of time.
  • Refreshed and improved old content: Show Google that you are tending to your existing content, so that it can see things improving steadily across the board. See How to improve your website in one hour.

There are other things you can do, such as boost your social profile, grow your inbound links, gain brand citations. These main factors, though, can help you make a difference.

Tip: Look in Google results at the cached versions of your pages to work out how often they are being updated by Google. If you can get an idea of the re-visit frequency, schedule site updates and new content to beat that schedule. That should mean Google starts spotting changes with each visit.

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