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How to see who +1s your site

Google Webmasters menuIf you are a website manager you probably already know about the Google Webmasters service. Similar to Google Analytics, the Webmasters service displays useful information about the keywords on your site and the keywords that cause people to land on your site. It also shows other pages in the Google index that link to you, as well as some very useful information about search volumes, positions and clicks.

With the advent of Google Plus and the +1 button, Google Webmasters has a new section called +1 Metrics. If you haven’t looked at your Webmasters dashboard for a while, check it out.

The +1 button is Google’s way of gathering user feedback on web pages. If lots of people click the +1 button next to a web page, that page must be popular, and +1 Metrics allows you to see what kind of +1 activity your site is achieving.

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  1. There must be a way to search Google + to see the actual individuals that have +1ed you? I can’t seem to find those results anywhere. Also the +1 metrics need more than 233 +1s to see “Audience” data… Hmm..
    Good post btw

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