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Winning Results With Google Adwords

Winning Results With Google AdwordsWinning Results With Google Adwords is a bible for anyone who needs to get the best results out of Google’s Adwords. When you are paying for every click, you need to understand how to encourage the right clicks from the right kind of people.

Adwords expert Andrew Goodman does a fantastic job of explaining how to do that, in a straightforward way. Writing test for your Adwords campaign is a complicated process because you have to think what’s on the minds of your target customers, and you have to think about people you don’t want to attract but who might also use the same keywords as you.

Goodman explains the practical differences between phrase matching, broad matching and exact matching, and how to use filters to filter out ad impressions for phrases that only attract the wrong types of clicks.

He also explains well positioning, and how you can achieve a higher position than someone paying more per click than you (the answer to that lies in yield – if Google is earning less per click but achieving a higher click through ratio, it may reward you with more presence).

For anyone using Adwords, this book should be kept close at hand. For anyone who is thinking about using Adwords, reading this book first is a must.

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