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Privacy Policy

This website is run by me, Steve Masters, and I am a firm believer in privacy protection.

I collect email addresses for readers who wish to subscribe to my email newsletter. This list is ONLY used for the purposes of sending out this occasional newsletter. If you want to stop at any time, you can unsubscribe and that’s that. I don’t send third party promos and I do not sell or rent the list to anyone, no matter how much money they offer.

Also, this website uses cookies. It should not come as a shock to you, since you are most likely an informed marketing professional if you are reading this website, but for the benefit of the uninformed, here is an explanation of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device when you visit a website. These allow the website to recognise you when you re-visit, or to enable you to maintain an active session while browsing. For example, if you log into a site, the cookie allows the site to recognise your session as you navigate from page to page.

Some cookies are set through third parties, such as advertisers or Google Analytics. When an advertiser serves a cookie, this will serve a different purpose because it may enable an advertiser to recognise you on a different website where they all serve ads.

What cookies does this site serve?

This site doesn’t carry advertising. I run Google Analytics, which helps me understand which pages people like to read, how long they spend on the site and where they came from. Although Analytics sets a cookie, this is used to record actions for the purposes of analytical reporting. It is not identifiable data that allows me to see who is actually clicking on what.

The website also features social buttons from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg etc. These services may or may not serve cookies before or after you click on the buttons. I cannot control how their cookies work and it’s really for the company serving the cookie to take responsibility for helping you block the cookie.

How to block cookies

The best way to block cookies is in the browser, if your device allows this. In Firefox, for example, you can use the privacy settings to delete and block cookies from specific domains. This is the best way to block because, when you block a cookie from domain, this will block that domain from setting a cookie no matter which website you visit.


If you have any concerns, contact me for clarification but please rest assured that I value your personal data protection the same way I expect other people to look after information about me.

So, my privacy policy in summary

  • If you give me your email address, I won’t share it with anyone.
  • Cookies are used only to help the website function, not for third party marketing purposes.
  • That’s it, really.
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