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What has Jack Whitehall ever done to you?

Browsing Facebook recently, I was presented by this advertisement. Well Facebook likes to call it a “Suggested Post”, but because I am not 5 or stupid I know it is an advertisement.

Jack Whitehall Facebook ad

Anyway, it looked like an interesting offer so I clicked through to read more. I didn’t take up the offer because it’s one of those “sign up for free using your credit card, and we will only bill you if you forget to cancel” offers.

I also noticed comments being posted by people on the advertisement, most of which were vitriolic about Jack Whitehall, who wrote the book with his father.

As you can see below, social media does tend to bring out the lighter side of human cynicism (or maybe it’s just Brits). Big brands, and famous people like Jack Whitehall, have to live with more abuse nowadays because everyone with a PC or a phone is free to publish any old dross just to amuse themselves and their friends.

Jack Whitehall Facebook comments

I’m sure it would stop, if a lot of it wasn’t funny.

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