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The little buggers. Was Accident Claims website hacked?

Accident Claims - bummingThe Accident Claims website was the talk of the internet this week (well, today) after someone spotted a crude testimonial on the home page.

“I was getting bummed in a public toilet and slipped on a wet floor and split my head open… my boyfriend had to rush me to hospital. I just received a £2k cheque for 10 stiches in my head and a burst anus… thanks! Mr C Eyley”

The story was picked up on Twitter and various websites. Pink News said it tried to contact Accident Claims to find out whether it was a hoax or whether the website had been hacked. Digital Spy also reported the story, with a language warning at the top of the page.

If this testimonial is a genuine one, insurers may suddenly be hit with a flurry of claims as more cottagers slipping on wet bathroom floors take out accident claims.

This is the Accident Claims website in question. NOT to be confused with this or this.

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