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Do rude logos happen by accident? That’s a phallusy

UK catering company Dirty Bird has changed its logo. The company that specialises in serving food at events and festivals from a mobile van now has a logo that looks like a squirting penis. Everyone can see it, but the designers claim it was an accident.

Dirty Bird logo, looks like a penis

Quoted on The Drum, Mark James, designer of the logo, said: “We were given the name Dirty Bird as the brief, and started working on ideas. We looked at the initials, DB. Then worked with the lowercase ‘db’ linking them to form the shape of a rooster. It’s graphic representation of a rooster incorporating the initials.”

So, this cock-up was not spotted during the sketching, proof reading or market research phase. It just happened.

Popular website B3ta believes the idea of designers accidentally creating phallic logos is a phallusy (geddit?). They even have a Phallic Logo Awards, celebrating logos where designers have (purposely or inadvertently) slipped in a penis. One of those logos is the family-friendly Pontin’s.

Pontin's rude logo

Airbnb creates backlash with a sexy re-brand

Airbnb recently redesigned its new logo, announcing the re-brand with a big PR push. Almost immediately, there was a backlash on social media from people claiming it looks like a vagina (I can’t see it, myself) and others saying that it ripped off other brands.

Air BNB logo versus Automation Anywhere

Oliver Wainwright examined the furore in an article for The Guardian. But this is not the first time a logo has been described as looking like genitalia. The Dodge ram is shaped like a fallopian tube.

Dodge ram logo like a fallopian tube

Unfortunate or dirty logos? You decide whether these other famous rude logo fails are intentional

Here’s a collection of other famous logo fails.

Anthony Byrne rude logo
A + B in lower case. Not a good idea, Anthony.
Arlington Pediatric Center logo fail
Oh. My. God.
A-Style rude logo
Who knows what this represents?
Baby changing rude logo
Need a new drawing for this baby changing facility.
Upside down phallic logo
Is it a chef, or an upside down phallus?
Computer Doctors rude logo
This shop couldn’t work out why people were laughing at the logo. Look at the mouse.
Clinica Dental logo
The dirty logo makes this clinic look fun.
Dental clinic logo fail
And so does this one.
Doughboys logo
The initials D and B are always a dodgy combination.
Field Research Center sexual logo
Letters that look like people. Often a bad idea.
HASC Center logo fail
What are these two up to?
International Women's Day logo fail
Probably not a good idea to suggest any kind of insertion in this logo.
Islamic Understanding logo fail
A rather unfortunate logo for the Islamic Understanding Institute. It doesn’t reflect anything I understand about Islam.
Two people dancing? Or a topless woman?
Two people dancing? Or a topless woman?
Kidsexchange logo fail
Where two words should not become one.

Mega Flicks logo fail

Mon Sat logo
This little guy looks happy to see you.
OGC logo fail
The OGC logo looks fine, until you rotate it 90 degrees.

Catholic priest - logo fail

School for Oriental Studies phallic logo fail
The logo for the School for Oriental Studies.
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