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PR people need to catch up with social media

Rick PerryThe online world moves faster than most people are able to plan. Many companies are stuck in the dark ages of public relations – where meetings are held to discuss plans of action, while the social media world moves without thinking.

The recent Rick Perry story in the US is cited by ClickZ in an excellent article examining this problem. Republican hopeful Rick Perry embarrassed himself in a TV debate by not remembering the point he was trying to make, and he wasn’t able to even ad lib a bluff. He just went blank, and the video clip went viral around the world.

Heidi Cohen of ClickZ argues that Rick Perry’s campaign team should have been faster to react. Instead of drafting a response in time for the night time news, they waited until the next morning to respond, and the website was not updated for five hours.

This is a key lesson for any company that, in the social media world, you need to be prepared to think and act fast, not wait for the next planning meeting to make decisions.

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