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Category: General Thoughts

Bingo buzzwords do what they say on the tin

Buzzword BingoWhen it comes to business presentations and copywriting, we commonly sneer at clichés, and you have perhaps at least once played a game of Buzzword Bingo – trying to spot business buzzwords as they are uttered in meetings.

Why are we so hard on clichés though when they often hit the nail on the head? If you want to make a clear point in business, a cliché does what it says on the tin.

How to proof read your own content

Proof readingOne of the most neglected aspects of self-publishing is proofing and editing copy. The world is full of people who write and publish their own content (myself included, as is evident with this very piece) and there is a wealth of un-proofed content, full of errors and inconsistencies.

I am guilty of not re-reading my own copy before publishing it, some of the time, but even when I do, author blindness will mean I miss some problems.

Here is a checklist for writers, to help you ensure your quantity is matched by quality.

Phone Hacking: a reputation management lesson

News of the World final coverThe News of the World phone hacking scandal is a lesson for any business in how not to manage bad news. In a world where social media gives every man and his mouse an instant voice; where social networks allow the instant worldwide dissemination of scandal, not just News of the World but the global empire that owns it has been slapped in the face by the common man.

The lesson to be learned from the phone hacking story is that you should be open and up front, not be economical with the truth and not try to cover up things that would appear far worse if revealed by other parties.

10 Tips to make sure customers can’t talk to you

Illegible business stationeryYou might say the most important thing in business is being contactable. You could have the best TV advertisement in the world, and the best looking website, but if people can’t contact you, you’re wasting their time and your money. A lot of business people make common mistakes when it comes to being contactable. You may have made some of these yourself.

So here are ten tips to make sure your customers have difficulty contacting you.