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LibDem webmasters show how to use a 404 page

A 404 page is a vital part of any website owner’s marketing mix. (Note to self – sort mine out.)

When someone tries to visit a URL (uniform resource locator, if you please) on your site that is not a valid page, the browser will serve an error message.

If your site is set up to properly deliver a page with the 404 http header code, the browser is fully informed that this is an incorrect URL, rather than a valid page that is broken.

Liberal Democrats capitalise on the Theresa May news with 404 error page

Technical jargon out of the way, let’s celebrate the quick-thinking webmasters at the Liberal Democrats, who changed the party’s 404 page after the news that Theresa May will be crowned as PM without having to go through a party election.

Liberal Democrats 404 page with Theresa May message


Will Theresa May be Winston Churchill or Gordon Brown?

We have recent experience of a Prime Minister who was not elected to run the party – Gordon Brown. He stood uncontested, unlike Theresa May, who went through a round of candidate elimination.

As an aside to this story about 404 page brilliance, you might be pleased to hear that Winston Churchill – one of our greatest prime ministers – was also appointed as PM, rather than elected, when Neville Chamberlain resigned.

Back to the topic – more reading about 404 pages

Here are some great resources about how to optimise your 404 page.


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