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How can I reduce Amazon emails? Here’s how

This week I received two emails from Amazon promoting Kenwood Blend-X food processors. I’ve never bought one and never added one to a wishlist, but I have looked at one product in the range on Amazon recently.

While I don’t mind Amazon emailing me occasionally, this seemed excessive to me, considering I also get lots of transactional emails from Amazon. I decided to find out how to control what Amazon sends me, and whether this was easily possible. It should be – so I went looking.

For reference, here is the email I received.

Amazon email


I consider that to be an unsolicited marketing email and not a transactional one. Amazon might argue that it is solicited because, the email preferences showed I was subscribed to all the promo channels.

This, however, is something I never did. I didn’t even know that screen and those subscriptions existed, so I would argue that it’s not something Amazon should turn on by default.


Amazon communication preferences menu

Amazon communication preferences - screen 2

Amazon promo email subscriptions

What happens if I untick everything?

This is all in the promotional emails category, but I’m not sure if this is what drives the emails promoting Kenwood blender promotions.

I went back to the email to check the small print and it says this.

Amazon promo email opt out

I clicked on the ‘opt-out here’ link and saw this, below.

Amazon email opt out detail

So, I decided to go and untick all the options on the list I showed you above. Underneath that is an option to unsubscribe from them all in one go, and underneath that is another block of small-print, which says this.

Amazon all opt out text

That’s what I have done, so I should receive transactional emails and not a load of promo emails. We’ll see.

A thumbs up to Amazon

I have to give a thumbs up to Amazon for this. What I expected to be a mission looks easy to use. It gives me control and explains what the different emails do, to a degree.

My only complaint is that Amazon opted me into all those promo emails in the first place, without asking for my explicit permission. Just because I register on the site, it doesn’t mean I am agreeing to everything.

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