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Google wows with Google Now for Android

Google NowGoogle is taking personalised search to the next level with the launch of its predictive information tool Google Now. Released in the next version of the Android operating system, Google Now automatically gives you information thatit assumes you might need when you might need it.

For example, if you have a meeting in your calendar and Google Now knows where that is, it might pop up a notification of the time you ought to leave to beat the traffic. If you are in a specific restaurant, you might get a pop up of the most popular menu items – based on your personal preferences.

This video from Google demonstrates the service.


One user in the US said that Google Now is able to automatically send him score updates from his favourite team, based on his common search preferences. Clearly critics will find reasons to complain about this idea. Why should Google make assumptions about what we want to see when we can select that information for ourselves? Good or bad though, it’s major step forward in the ongoing innovation of information delivery and discovery.

Now businesses will see how important it is to be using Google Plus and Google Plus Local pages to upload key business information, because the more location based and product information you feed into Google’s database, the more likely you are to be discovered by users of Google Now.

Search optimisation is about to move up a level. Yet again. Steve Kovach of Business Insider lauded the product, saying it is “light years better than Apple’s Siri”.

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