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Buy British. Buy Kronenbourg

Kronenbourg is not French. It’s British. There you have it – according to the Advertising Standards Authority. The advertising watchdog ruled recently that the owners of the lager cannot advertise it as French, because it is made from hops grown in the UK and it is bottled in the UK.

Eric Cantona stars in Kronenbourg TV commercial

The ruling followed complaints submitted to the ASA about Kronenbourg adverts starring Eric Cantona – the footballer-cum-actor. Sitting in a French pub and sipping on a glass of 1664 Kronenbourg, Eric said in the TV ad, “Here in Alsace, things are a little bit different. The hop farmers are treated like the footballers of Britain. They are idolised and adored. And why not? They are living legends. They are the men that grow the noble hops that make Kronenbourg the taste supreme …”

The irony here is that the owner of Kronenbourg, which tried to defend its adverts, is Heineken. I spotted this story in Private Eye issue 1360, but you can read the ASA ruling here.

Apples and Pierres

This story reminded me of a bottle of apple juice I saw about ten years ago in a shop, which was labelled as a traditional English apple juice for English people. In small print on the back of the bottle, it said, “Made in France”.


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