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Blogs, Vlogs, Phlogs… whatever next?

Blogs were an interesting phenomenon when the term was first coined and the idea of blogging caught on. Not least because they were really no more than an updated version of the classic home page of the late 90s – where people would set up a personal website for anything from baby scans to holiday diaries.

The term blog is an abbreviation of “web log”.

Where, in the “old” days, website creators needed some HTML knowledge and an understanding of FTP and hosting, blogs brought the power of the home page to a wider audience of non-technical, non-geek self publishers.

The most famous, perhaps, of the Blogging centres was Blogger, which was quickly bought up by Google in its ongoing land grab. Blogger makes it easy for anyone to set up a blog to update everyone (and noone) with family pictures, recipes, what they bought at the supermarket – anything and everything.

While many web users are just getting used to the concept of blogging, though, the Internet has already moved on to vlogging – aka video logs. These are, quite simply, blogs with video instead of type.

For an example of vlogs, take a look at Just like blogs, vlogs allow any Tom, Dick or Harriet to become a TV presenter, fulfilling their dreams of fame and, well, fame. Some are great, well compiled, meaningful and useful; some are entertaining, or at least trying to be even if they don’t succeed; some are a bit pointless. Such is the Internet. Where once the written word relied on experienced publishers and editors to filter the dross and give us only the good stuff, the Internet allows everyone to have a go, uncensored, unchecked and unabashed.

While vlogging may be beyond the scope of some Internet users, anyone wanting to aprise themselves of what vlogging is all about will find they are already behind the times, because, thanks to the smart phone, we have now moved on again. Say hello to phlogging – aka phone logging. This rather innovative idea is championed by Ipadio, which recently won the Econsultancy “Most Innovative New Technology” award. Ipadio allows anyone to use their phone, anywhere in the world, to update listeners with snippets of anything. Phloggers can report back live from climate demonstrations, from war zones, from movie premieres. The idea is limited only to a would-be phlogger’s imagination.

For companies large and small, these new channels are worth investigating. Inventive marketers have a wider range of outlets with which to ply their wares. Mind you, if I ever hear a phlog that starts out “I AM BARRY SCOTT…” I will turn off immediately.

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