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Argos wants reviews, but does it really?

Argos reviewsIf you take the time to write what you think is an honest and well-reasoned review of a product you have paid good money for, you might understandably feel aggrieved when the company that invited you to write the review says it isn’t good enough to be published.

This happened to me recently on the Argos website after they emailed me to invite me to write a review of a child’s bed I had bought. I wrote the review and then received an email a few days later to say, “Unfortunately we could not publish your review as it did not meet our guidelines.”

The Argos review guidelines are as follows.

To ensure your review can be published please avoid including:

  • Personal information; protect identities by not including full names or contact details.
  • Prices, offers, or links; which are subject to change.
  • Mentions of other companies or websites.
  • Profane language, personal insults, or unhelpful content.
  • Customer service issues or safety concerns

Now I’m not that precious about the review that I demand it be published and neither do I expect the company to just accept 100% of the content people submit. I’ve written enough rejected articles or letters in my time for that not to be an issue.

As a customer of Argos, though, I am left wondering why my review falls foul of the guidelines when the website clearly says, “We display both positive and negative reviews.” Looking at the reviews on Argos’ website for a range of products, it’s hard not to be cynical when no review seems to have less than 3 stars and almost everything is positive.

So, for posterity, and just to annoy Argos’ censors, here’s my review of the Malibu Cabin Bed Frame.

Good budget bed, awkward to build
This is a good bed for the price, and it serves its purpose, but it is awkward for one person to build. You get to a point where you have to hold up a couple of pieces while fitting ends together. Also, the design of the frame is not very good because the board on the side, where the child climbs in or sits on the bed, is not secured, so there’s a danger of body weight ripping it out. That hasn’t happened yet but there are some elements to the construction that make you want to treat the bed with care in case something breaks. The bed board is a large piece of chip-board and it is not fully supported underneath, so there’s a danger that a boisterous child could break the board and then you have no bed. It’s comfy and useful and daughter likes it but it is not as sturdy as it looks. You need to look after it.

I gave it a mid-star rating. I would still recommend it because it is a good budget child’s bed.

Anyway, my reason for sharing this story is because it highlights the difficult area of user-generated content that brand owners face. Open the door to published customer feedback and you can open a can of worms. What if people start criticising your products or your company? Do you let the world see those criticisms? If you are seen to be hiding just the bad stuff, will that encourage more criticism?

Addition: Since enquiring as to why the review was not published, Argos sent this reply. “I can confirm that this review was rejected on the basis that it is more of a customer service issue.  After looking into this on our website I can confirm that we state that it is recommended for two people to put the bed up, so we would not want to include your review because you put it up by yourself.”

Unfortunately we could not publish your review as it did not meet our guidelines.
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  1. This is an interesting article. Whether or not to invite and publish customer reviews clearly requires some thought.

    • Brian Perkins Brian Perkins

      Hi Steve. This is a good blog as it does offer Argos customers an opportunity to share their experiences.
      Mine relates to their vertical blinds. My advice is simple – buy ready made. There are plenty of companies that offer this service and once received are very simple to fix into place. However if one desires spending hours sorting out this medioce product then carry on. The instructions are very sparse and of little assistance. Thankfully I had help on the day which was particularly helpful when it came to cutting the metal headrail down to the required width.
      Never again it’s not worth it.

      • Steve Masters Steve Masters

        Thanks Brian for sharing your experience. Ready made is my preference always – whether it’s blinds or meals.

  2. Michelle Michelle

    I understand your frustration as I have on numerous times wanted to leave feedback but they always say ‘ we send an email for you to respond to’… that is the only way you can leave a review and in all the years I have been buying from Argos I have NEVER ever recieved an email inviting me to leave feedback…. it should be our choice if we wanted to leave feedback.

    • Steve Masters Steve Masters

      I agree Michelle. Invite reviews from everyone, not just people you think will say nice things.

  3. I have always found Argos reviews helpful and shopping with Argos a pleasant experience staff great and helpful and would definitely review any purchases in the future

  4. Angel Angel

    I have found that they are just plain deceptive. I bought a 5 inch Bush Android Smartphone and there is NO replacement battery for it. I’ve been searching for over a year now and, to me, it’s a complete ripoff! What good is the phone if it’s useless once the cheap battery inside it dies? Because of this, I will never shop at Argos again.

  5. tony perks tony perks

    I bought an office/gaming/bedroom chair for my sons 18th birthday, it was over £100 but the build instructions were poor and at one stage of the build it needed 2 people as it was impossible to screw in the screws and locate the 2 halves of the seat area. There was no mention of this requirement and also how the sleeving fitted over the centre column. My main concern is the arms, as it states on the assembly instructions—-DON’T USE ARMS TO EXIT THE CHAIR OR MOVE IT OR LIFT THE CHAIR!!!! and why is this the case? They have counterbored both sides of the holes that the screws pass through to fix the arms onto the chair body, leaving hardly any material to support the screws if anyone tries to manoeuvre the chair using the arms. There should be inserts supplied to fill one of the counterbores in each hole, or much easier only counterbore one side and leave the strength in the material used.

  6. Justin Smith Justin Smith

    I`ve sent in three Argos reviews over the last couple of years and not one has been published. Though I say so myself they were actually pretty useful for potential purchasers of the products with objective design issues highlighted (e.g. the Bush DAB radio whose buttons are all multi function, for example, it requires between 3 and 11 clicks to change the station preset ! ) yet none were put on the Argos website.
    What did make me angry was the fact there is no easy way to contact Argos and ask why the review hasn`t been published. I was really p***ed off by the third rejection and was determined to get an answer. There is no E Mail address on the Argos website and multiple calls to their “Customer Service” phone line resulted in being given OOU phone numbers, non existent E Mail addresses, and even an E Mail address of a company (“Complete Savings”) who, apparently, have no connection to Argos ! I`m still, three weeks later, trying to get a response without any luck. Basically I think Argos`s customer service is s*** and wherever possible will avoid them.

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