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YouTube advertises itself with pizza trickery

Tony's Pizza YouTube advertThe Tony’s Pizza ad is a smart video. If you haven’t seen it, scroll down the page to see it.

YouTube has made the video to advertise itself as an advertising medium. What’s clever about the video is that it moves from the first second and it contains a clever use of the “Skip ad” notification.

I saw the video on a pre-roll while watching a video on a different website – BT Sport. As soon as the video started playing, BT Sport’s own “Skip ad” notification appeared over the video in the right hand corner, but I immediately noticed a second notification undearneath.

Realising this was in the video itself, which was panning out to reveal it is a video of a video, I was intrigued in enough time to want to watch the whole thing.

The ad is actually a video of a man watching a Tony’s Pizza demonstration, trying to flip his own pizza dough and making a mess of it, then just deciding to call their number to order a delivery.

Nice job, YouTube. Here’s the ad.


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