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Category: Digital Marketing

Two secs sells – do you have the immediacy factor?

Give your designs the two second testImmediacy is an important concept for any piece of marketing – whether it’s a magazine advertisement, a website or a shop window. Visitors must be able to understand immediately (within two seconds) what they are looking at. Think about it – as you go through your daily life you go past shop windows, you see newspaper and magazine covers, you look at product packaging and more. All the time, your brain is able to recognise what things are based on recognisable shapes, logos or hierarchical layouts.

10 Tips to make sure customers can’t talk to you

Illegible business stationeryYou might say the most important thing in business is being contactable. You could have the best TV advertisement in the world, and the best looking website, but if people can’t contact you, you’re wasting their time and your money. A lot of business people make common mistakes when it comes to being contactable. You may have made some of these yourself.

So here are ten tips to make sure your customers have difficulty contacting you.