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Five detailed tips for blog writers

TypewriterI’ve been quiet on this blog lately, mainly because I have been busy writing elsewhere. One of my projects recently was a five-part series entitled “How to write a blog” for the Red Rocket Media blog. I’m going to share a summary of the series here, so you can dive in and read the articles in full.

Here are the articles in order.

Knowing your audience

The first and most important thing to decide with a blog is who you are writing it for. Are you talking to friends and family (where in jokes and colloquialisms would be acceptable) or to customers and potential customers, or are you talking to people who share a particular interest, who you perhaps don’t know?
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Hatching article ideas

This is part of our “how to write a blog” series, so I assume you already know your audience and why you are blogging. One of the hardest things for bloggers is finding things to write about.
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Headlines that work

A picture may paint a thousand words, but the words in your headline can be more important than any image you have in your article. Take Twitter, for example, you have 140 characters in which to promote a headline
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Content promotion

If you think the hardest work with blogging is coming up with the ideas and getting those ideas down on the page in a sensible and meaningful order, think again. Promotion of your work can take as much effort.
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Author verification

You have probably noticed that Google search results often show the details of an article’s author as part of the organic result. You can take steps to achieve this for yourself by following Google’s instructions.
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