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How to delete a property from Google Analytics

How to delete Analytics propertyDo you need to get rid of a property from Google Analytics? Each email address can only have a limited number of accounts, so you may want to get rid of properties for old websites that are no longer active.

First you need to decide whether you are deleting the site completely or just removing yourself from the account. Here are different methods you can employ.

Transferring ownership of an Analytics account

The easiest way to transfer an Analytics account to someone else, and then remove yourself from the account, is to simply add another person to the account, giving them full administrative rights.

The one thing to bear in mind is that you can’t transfer a web property from one account to another, so if you have several websites within one account, there’s not much you can do. Giving one person admin access to any property within the account would mean they have access to your whole account and all web properties within it.

When setting up accounts in Analytics, keep all websites within their own account.

Once you have added a new user with admin access, you can remove yourself from that account.

Deleting a web property from an Analytics account

If you just want to delete a website from your account, go to Admin, where you should see the menu of accounts, properties and profile views.

Make sure you are in the right account and property, then select the view you want to remove. Each web property may have multiple views.

Google Analytics property management

Within each view, scroll to the bottom on the right and look for the Delete view link. Click that and then click the confirmation link. Once all views for a property are deleted, that property will be deleted from your account.

Google Analytics delete view

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