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Bodyform goes one up on Facebook joker

Bodyform - fake CEOThe most popular joke in the world about periods (as in menstruation, not American punctuation) is that the adverts for sanitary products make it look like you suddenly become super-sporty when you wear them. Bodyform has grabbed headlines and deserves so many high fives for its latest advertising wheeze.

The company received a post from a Facebook user, a man, who jokingly called the company liars because it claimed periods were a happy occasion where everyone smiles and takes part in exciting activities. The truth, he said, was that he can’t bear to be around his partner when she has Aunty Flow visiting.

Here is the video from Bodyform, which has already had more than two million views.


This piece of marketing ticks several boxes in one fell swoop:

  • Uses humour to laugh at itself
  • Uses a classic joke to suddenly “own” the joke
  • The content is massively shareable
  • Reinforces the brand messages that Bodyform has paid millions for over the years
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