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Category: Digital Marketing

Why gamble with your website reputation?

If you write articles just to place them on third party sites, just to create links for Google to read, you should take a serious look at this practice. I won’t say you shouldn’t do it – after all, you have a right to publish anything anywhere if you see fit. If you are doing it blindly though, or if you are paying someone else to do it and they are doing it badly, you could soon be seeing a drop in the traffic you get from search results.

Firefox shows Olympic spirit without breaking rules

Firefox Olympics imageHow do you capitalise on the Olympic Games taking place without breaking the rules of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG)? You’ve probably heard of companies being banned from using the words London 2012 or Olympics in marketing materials, of the Olympic Cafe in London who had to fight to keep their name, even though they had been called that for years. Little Chef is allowed to serve its Olympic Breakfast because it’s been doing that for years too.

Are pop-ups annoying or useful?

I am seeing a massive increase in the number of sites that serve pop-ups on entry, inviting you to give your email address to subscribe, or to receive some free booklet. I don’t know about you but I hate this form of marketing with a passion, and I think it’s time to complain about it.

I am amazed that marketing professionals – many of whom would tell their clients how pop-up advertising annoys customers – are advocating the use of pop ups to promote their own email lists. While that’s understandable, it is aggressive and, in my opinion, rude.