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Respecting your subscribers

The subscribers on your list are your most important asset, and you need to build and maintain their loyalty to keep response rates up. Disrespect them and they can do one of several things:

  • Leave the list
  • Complain about you to some authority (whether you deserve it or not)
  • Simply stop responding to your emails
  • Indicate to their email software that your newsletters are spam

How do you keep your subscribers happy?

The most important rule is to only give your subscribers what they asked for. If they signed up for occasional mailings about your sale prices, or about updates to your terms and conditions, then only give them those things. Don’t suddenly start sending them offers for unrelated goods and services (which would be illegal without their prior permission anyway).

Watch your frequency carefully as well. If you find you get a good response from a monthly mailing, you may be tempted to up it to weekly, and suddenly find your response rates drop and your unsubscribe rates increase. Just because your subscribers may be happy to receive your newsletter (some may look forward to it), there’s no reason to think they want to receive it every day.

Make sure they can leave the list

Not everyone on your list will want to stay on your list, so make sure they can leave easily. And make sure you use a valid email address when you send out your newsletters, so people can reply to you.

Responsive customer service will gain their respect more than if they have no one to write to or if they never get a response.

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