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How your mailing list devalues over time

How an email list devaluesManaging newsletter bounces is an important aspect of mailing list management. If you use an email service provider, you probably have tools to control how hard bounces are removed from your list. A hard bounce is one that cannot be delivered – perhaps an address that no longer exists.

The email addresses on your mailing list can become defunct, and each time you send your newsletters you may see a bounce rate of between 2% and 6% (depending on the frequency of your broadcasts).

Sending repeatedly to hard bounces slows down your mail server unnecessarily and it may damage your reputation with the receiving server. So, cleaning addresses that hard bounce is necessary.

Here’s a statistical example, if you have a mailing list of 10,000 addresses, assuming you don’t add any more names to the list. If we assume a 2% hard bounce rate each time you send, after six months, your mailing list of valid email addresses will have dropped from 10,000 to 7,847.

If you have a list of customers you have not corresponded with for a long time, don’t expect that list to have much value at all. You should correspond with your customers regularly, be it monthly or bi-annually, to ensure your list not only stays active but that it can be cleaned of dead wood too.

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