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ASOS – Automated Sorry On Social

I seem to be stuck in a loop with the ASOS customer service department. Every time you mention ASOS on Twitter, it seems, the customer service team emails you to apologise.

This hilarity came after a work colleague posted on Twitter to complain to ASOS and DPD about a failed delivery.

I replied with a sarcastic comment, and then received my own reply from the ASOS customer service team.

ASOS comment and reply

Nice of them to be sympathetic to my sarcasm, but assuming I have an order number is odd. Clearly some kind of automation was at work, which means the ASOS Twitter account is pre-set to apologise each time @asos is mentioned.

ASOS second reply

Another person replied to Becky (and ASOS) to complain about DPD being “useless”. Even she received an apology from ASOS and an offer of help in sorting out delivery for an item she had not ordered.

Clearly, this needed more testing, so I posted to ASOS again.

ASOS third reply

Yes, ASOS, which originally stood for As Seen On Screen, now appears to stand for Automated Sorry On Social.



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