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Are you about to lose your domain name?

In January 2014, ICANN introduced new rules for domain registrars that means all domain owners now must periodically validate their emails to prove they are the rightful owners of domains.

How to delete Analytics property

How to delete a property from Google Analytics

Find out how to delete a property from Google Analytics, or transfer an account from one person to another.


See who posted to your Facebook page

If you create a page and you have multiple administrators, now you will be able to see, on any post, which administrator created that post.

Eric Cantona stars in Kronenbourg TV commercial

Buy British. Buy Kronenbourg

An Advertising Standards Authority ruling states that Kronenbourg beer is not French, despite the efforts of Eric Cantona to say otherwise in an adverisement that plays on the 1664 tradition of the lager.

Poker cards - are you gambling with your link building

Why gamble with your website reputation?

If you write articles just to place them on third party sites, just to create links for Google to read, you should take a serious look at this practice. I won’t say you shouldn’t do it – after all, you have a right to publish anything anywhere if you see fit. If you are doing it blindly though, or if you are paying someone else to do it and they are doing it badly, you could soon be seeing a drop in the traffic you get from search results.

Matt Cutts

Guest blogging, Matt Cutts and a whole lotta hoo-ha

The world of SEO was excited to a crescendo yesterday (21 Jan, 2013) as Matt Cutts of Google was quoted pronouncing guest blogging to be dead. Matt Cutts is the head of webspam for Google and when he gives advice about how to behave, with regard to search engine optimisation, you should pay attention. But…

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Twitter account on Twitter

Twitter adds broad matching to ad options

If you are running a paid campaign on Twitter, you can have your ads appear based on different combinations of words – even synonyms.

Virgin America in flight safety video

Virgin does it again with in-flight video

Virgin’s latest in-flight safety video taps into the auto-tune, pop culture of the Glee generation. It’s as much about marketing as it is about safety.

Jesus Face Palm

Hello there. I’m an idiot.

If you want to build rapport with people when trying to sell them something, don’t make an idiot of yourself by making it obvious you haven’t even taken the time to get to know your target.

Jack Whitehall Facebook ad

What has Jack Whitehall ever done to you?

Big brands, and famous people like Jack Whitehall, have to live with more abuse nowadays because everyone with a PC or a phone is free to publish any old dross just to amuse themselves and their friends.

Here lies SEO - but SEO is not dead

SEO is dead/alive (delete as applicable)

If you search Google for “seo is dead”, you will see at least 547,000 results. If you search for “seo is not dead” there are only 120,000 results. Does this mean SEO is dead?

Google Hummingbird

What is Google Hummingbird – new algorithm explained

The Knowledge Graph is designed to match intent with answers. What Google’s Hummingbird does is allow searches to be connected, with the word “it” being given more significance. Read more…

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