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Month: December 2011

PhoneDog vs Noah Kravitz over Twitter

noah Kravitz on TwitterAn ex-employee of mobile specialist PhoneDog in the US is being sued over his Twitter account. Noah Kravitz worked as a reviewer and blogger for PhoneDog for four years, during which time his @phonedog_noah Twitter account achieved 17,000 followers.

When he left the company earlier this year, he changed the name of his account to @noahkravitz and carried on tweeting as normal, but PhoneDog has filed a suit against him, saying the Twitter account and its 17,000 followers belong to them.

Personal data could drive social media consolidation

Guess WhoEvery gold rush creates a plethora of companies which then consildate into a smaller, more manageable number. In 1999 and 2000 we saw the emergence and disappearance of many dotcom businesses. Some went bust too fast, others got off the ground but struggled to retain the finance needed to stay the course towards breakeven. Many of the companies that disappeared were swallowed up by rivals – often for their technology.